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EVENBAT Power Systems Srl is part of the market-oriented products and services to the efficiency of electrical systems and the satisfaction of customers, not to mention the environmental aspect due to the use of alternative energies.
The EVENBAT Power Systems Srl was founded in January 2006 and is well established in the Italian productive system represented by the energy sector, and marketing of nickel cadmium batteries. Brand SAFT With a distribution agreement throughout the national territory for electric accumulators.
The tasks carried out by ns. Companies are purely commercial – offers and definition, project management – and logistics – materials receipt, identification of these persons, if any testing, and shipping to the customer finale-
And ‘present within us a storage procedure, traceability and storage of products; regarding the tests you follow the Technical Specifications of the customer.
Evenbat Power Systems has its administrative office in Via Marmolada 10 in Truccazzano (I) and its registered office at Via Carlo Farini, 55 – Milano
It occupies an area of 2,000 square meters of warehouse and 350 mq of office space.

Business ethics

Charter of Ethical Principles General

“The Charter of Principles Ethics is voluntary statement of the company that subscribes to these principles into their business practices to help create a climate of transparency, integrity, trust, for activities in and outside of your organization.”
The Charter of Principles Ethics has similarities to that part of the Code of Ethics governing behavior on the theme of anti-corruption and conflict of interest.

Signaling Systems and Policies

The document contains the basic information provided in the form of questions / answers, useful to the realization of a simple reporting system.

Integrity Pact

The Integrity Pact is signed between companies operating as a business partner in the buyer / supplier relationship.
The company proposes to its suppliers of goods and services in order to raise the level of cooperation, responsibility, transparency, trust.



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