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We are available for any technical and commercial consultancy

We have technical staff and suitable equipment to perform services at both the customer’s and in our headquarters in Truccazzano.

Services and support

Installation of electric accumulators

of any kind on shelves or in cabinets.

Activity of maintenance

activities of preventive or corrective maintenance of electrical accumulators and power systems / battery charger and power stations connected to them.

Fitting-out of premises batteries

and the safe removal of the same.

Commissioning of UPS

full electric accumulators

Realization of electrical connections in both c.c. and a.c.
Transport equipped vans

with rechargeable batteries authorization to transport waste from the Register given to us by the National Environmental Management – Sec. Regione Lombardia n. MI002796 / O 11/09/2006 – expires 01/08/2016 – valid throughout the national territory. (Authorizations for download in download page).

Installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems