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FIAMM Off-grid solutions


FIAMM energy oasis® is an off-grid system for quick electrification of areas without grid (i.e. rural, mountain, etc.).

This system is pre-installed on a 20 ft container and allows the best usage of renewable energy, such as photovoltaic and wind, through a battery that releases the energy when actually needed.

FIAMM energy oasis® is easy and quick to install, and can be shipped all over the world.


Electrification of isolated communities

Machinery powering in remote working places.

Powering of refrigeration units

Pumping and treatment of the subsoil water.

Powering of small irrigation pumps

Continuous energy for small hospitals.

Public lighting

A sustainable solution


Each component of the system is fully recyclable at the end of its life.

Environmentally friendly

Zero emissions of CO2 and zero usage of fossil fuels.

Excellent total cost of ownership (TCO)

Designed and built for longlife operation with minimum maintenance requirement.

Silent solution

Designed to reduce noises to the lowest level.

Friendly solution

FIAMM energy oasis® is a green solution, with a design life of more than 10 years.

Reliable and steady design:
suitable even for marine or sandy environment.

Off-grid system:
capable to get the most in terms of energy produced by renewable sources in areas without electric grid, even under extreme climatic conditions.

Battery storage system:
the most efficient storage solution to be always on duty.

for a safe transportation (CSC and RINA) and usage (CE)

Solution full of benefits

FIAMM Oasis® energy is a green that has a wealth of benefits and options:

Plug&play system:
its easy and quick installation does not require skilled manpower

FIAMM energy oasis® can be shipped and transported everywhere as a standard 20 ft container.

Minimum maintenance cost:
maintenance free: minimum level of maintenance, by far lower compared to the maintenance required by a generator

can be further connected with other energy oasis®.