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Absorbent/Neutralizers Products

Presentation: Physical and Chemical Characteristics

The products are obtained from a calibrated mixture of natural substances that allow the total neutralization of the acid radicals in general and sulfuric acid in particular. It comes in powder form which, due to its natural affinity with the minerals that make up the soil, does not have the character of toxicity to humans, animals and plants, but it must be handled with caution resulting irritating to mucous membranes and eyes.

Its neutralizing action is an effective use in all places where there are lead-acid storage batteries and you can then give rise to accidental spillage of electrolyte, either in liquid or gel-like form.

Tested and certified by universities and specialized institutions, it has the chemical composition and registered mark, and thoroughly responds to what is stipulated by Decree n. 152 of 03/04/2006 – art. Section 195 subsection 2 s – feasible according to the guidelines given in DM n. 109/06 issued by the Ministry of Environment.

It is released in buckets of 5 kg, 10 kg bags and cans of 30/50/200 kg specially designed and manufactured to be able to use the product if necessary in a practical and effective way. It has a high absorbency and fixative on liquids, it quickly combines with the acid radicals, especially those with sulfuric acid, estinguishing acidity, toxicity, corrosive action and power cauterizing on living tissue.

Its basic nature definitely allows for rapid neutralization of the sulfuric acid through an effervescent reaction and exothermic that, in the short duration of the process, reaches a temperature between 35 ° and 40 ° C.

The product resulting from this reaction is a dense and compact mortar that has a pH very close to the value 7, corresponding to perfect neutrality, and which can therefore be easily collected and removed as special waste not toxic.

Official Gazette No.60 of March 14, 2011

Penalties for non-application